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Project Objectives
The Main Objective is:
To improve the ecological status of lagoons in the Alfacada and La Tancada through habitat restoration and management measures, such as improving hydrological connectivity, the removal of infrastructure that interfere with this connectivity, creating new lagoon habitats in existing rice fields and abandoned aquaculture facilities.

 The most important specific objectives of the project are: 
  • Improve the ecological and hydrological connectivity of the Alfacada lagoon with the implementation of restoration measures designed to mitigate the effects of regression of the sea and climate change and improve the status of priority habitats and species..
  • Increase the Alfacada coastal lagoon habitat, restoring the original lagoon areas that have been converted to rice fields.
  • Improve the ecological state and the hydrological connectivity of the old salt flats of San Antonio (Tancada lagoon area), through the restoration of areas affected by abandoned aquaculture facilities.
  • Develop procedures for monitoring and dissemination of ecological values ​​of the restored areas, so as to increase public awareness and knowledge among users and managers of the spaces, as well as society in general.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019
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