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 C1 Improvement of the hydrological network
 1 -Construction of the new channel 05.04.2011 Photos
2 -Beginnings of the repairs on the hydrological network 10.11.2011 Photos
3 -Cleaning works on the vegetation on the water channels
18.11.2011 Photos
4 -Cleaning of the water channels 23.11.2011 Photos
5 -Creation of a special habitat for the Botaurus stellaris 25.11.2011 Photos
6 -Reinforcement of the ways with resultant material of the cleaning of the channels 28.12.2011 Photos
7 -Establishment of connections between diferent areas 28.12.2011 Photos
8 -Conection of the new LIFE channel with the Alfacada's hidrological network 11.01.2012 Photos
9 -Conection chanel of the Bravo - Arm of Migjorn 02.02.2012 Photos

-Definitive concession of the new conexction by the CHE

Annex 1 PDF
Annex 2 PDF
Annex 3 PDF
Finished action March 2012



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